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Unlike phones bought on a monthly contract from a supplier like O2, Three, or EE, SIM Free Mobile Phones are not tethered to a specific carrier or their cellular network.

When purchasing a SIM free handset, one of the main advantages is that you already own the phone, so you can choose a data plan that suits your needs keeping monthly payments to a minimum. This can be achieved by purchasing a Pay-As-You-Go SIM card which can be topped up with money whenever you’re in need of additional texts, minutes or data.

They’re also a fantastic solution for those who like to travel, as you can take an unlocked handset internationally and simply buy a SIM card when you reach your location to take advantage of the local cellular coverage.

MyMemory has a variety of SIM Free Mobile Phones available from a selection of leading brands such as Samsung and Nokia at affordable prices starting from £14.50. One of the most popular handsets we stock is the Nokia 105 Sim Free Mobile Phone designed to provide essential functionally whilst also providing desirable extras such as a flashlight and FM radio.

Browse through our full collection of Sim Free Mobile & Smart Phones, or use the search functionality at the top of the page to search for a specific product.

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The Fonerange Big Friendly 2 Phone with Dock
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