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When you lead an active lifestyle and are always on the move the last thing you want is for your phone to run out of battery. That’s where MyMemory come to the rescue. Whether you’re picking up the kids from school, driving home from a long day at work, or going on a family holiday, we stock a variety of USB and car phone chargers that will ensure no device runs out of battery again.

Ideal for use in cars, vans, boats and caravans, we have USB & Car Phone Chargers that cater to all budgets with prices starting at as little as £2.95, including market-leading brands like Duracell, Groov-e, and Infapower. The products we offer have been designed to be as efficient as possible and simply require a 12-volt socket to source power.

If you’re looking to charge multiple devices on the go, the best-selling Duracell 175W Power Inverter with Dual AC and USB Sockets is the perfect product for you. You’ll be able to quickly charge up to four devices at one time – including tablets, mobile phones, sat navs, cameras, Kindles and hand-held gaming consoles.

Browse our full collection of car phone chargers, or use the search tool to tailor your search for a specific brand or product.

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Griffin PowerJolt 2.4A Lightning Car Charger - Black
Universal 4fach USB Port Zigarettenanzünder Ladegerät für Apple & Android
Groov-e Dual USB Autoladegerät - Weiss
Groov-e Dual USB Autoladegerät - Blau
Groov-e Dual USB Autoladegerät - Rot
Everyday Basics 2.1A 4 Port USB Car Charger - Black
Hama iPad Dual USB-Kfz-Ladegerät
Showing all 9 results

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