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If you need to stay connected with your home or office at all times, check on your napping baby or are just looking for a simple and affordable way to install some surveillance to a part of your property, then a network camera could be the perfect solution.

Network cameras - or IP (internet protocol) cameras, as they are sometimes known – are an easy, cost-effective and efficient way to install CCTV into your home or business. They use the internet to send and receive data and with almost all devices now operating on Wi-Fi networks, you can place them anywhere they can pick up a Wi-Fi signal. This is an ideal solution as you won’t need to worry about wiring them into a circuit.

Video signals are usually viewed via a web page or an app on your smartphone, so you can check in at any time you need. You’ll often find microphones and speakers on them as well, to allow two-way communications.

The network cameras we stock at MyMemory often come with a variety of features, including battery packs so they don’t need to be plugged in (helpful if you want to place them out of site away from a plug socket). Most will record images, and some come with motion detection and intrusion alert options. Others, like the TP-Link NC200, can even extend your Wi-Fi network, boosting your signal in dead areas.

Along with the TP-Link NC200, we have network cameras available from Edimax and Clever Dog. Our Clever Dog smart cameras come in a variety of colourful styles too!

Take a look at our range of Network Cameras and buy one today for under £25!

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Cleverdog Smart WLAN Kamera - Grau
Cleverdog Smart WLAN Kamera - Pink
Cleverdog Smart WLAN Kamera - Blau
Cleverdog Smart WLAN Kamera - Orange
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